Crossfire is a brilliant new mini-series on BBC One and has an incredible cast to match its youthful plot.

The series tells the gripping story of a group of family and friends whose luxury vacation is disrupted by a mob of raging gunmen.

But what do they want, and how long are they going to come to him?

Here’s a shot of the new series running.

Keeley Hawes looks good in Crossfire

British actress Keeley Hawes stars in the cast of Crossfire (Credit: BBC)

Keeley Hawes plays Jo in the cast of Crossfire

Keeley Hawes stars in BBC One’s Crossfire as Jo.

Jo is a mother of three who spends her holidays with her family and friends in a luxury hotel in the Canary Islands.

But little did he know, he was putting the lives of his family and friends in danger.

Keeley, 46, rose to fame playing Zoe Reynolds in the BBC series Spooks in 2002.

Since then, the TV veteran has starred in some of the UK’s most popular scripted TV series.

Keeley is perhaps best known for playing DI Lindsay Denton in The Line of Duty.

She also won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress for her role in the BBC series.

Keeley also played the role of the doomed politician Julia Montague in The Guardians, and Dorothy Wick in the drama Mrs. Wilson.

Last year, Keeley took on the role of Valerie Tozer in China It’s a serious role that saw her character come to terms with her son’s HIV diagnosis.

Of course, she also found Alice in the comedy-drama Alice.

This year, she played the lead role of Dr Susannah Zellaby in The Midwich Cuckoos.

Josette Simon wearing a pink top in Crossfire

Josette Simon wearing a pink top in Crossfire

Josette Simon starred in Spalato (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire cast: Josette Simon plays Mary

Mary is Jo’s friend in the BBC One series Crossfire, who goes on holiday with her husband Ben.

When the guns go off, Mary is separated from her family and friends.

But will she be able to find her way to her husband?

Josette Simon, 63, Angela Regan in the Netflix series, Anatomy of a Scandal.

She also played Maya in the BBC series Split, alongside Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan.

In addition to her career on TV, Josette Simon is also known for her work in theater.

From 1982, Josette appeared in Royal Shakespeare Company productions such as The Tempest and Antony and Cleopatra.

Josette also won many awards for her singing role as Maggie in After the Fall.

Annieka Rose looks scary in Crossfire

Annieka Rose looks scary in Crossfire

Actress Anneika Rose starred alongside Keeley Hawes in The Office (Credit: BBC)

Anneika Rose stars as Abhi

Anneika Rose plays the role of Abhi in the mini-series.

Abhi seems to have a perfect life with his husband Chinar and their four children.

The couple are often called ‘Mr and Mrs Perfect’ by their friends.

But is their marriage as perfect as it seems?

Crossfire was not the first time Anneika starred alongside Keeley Hawes, who appeared in the recent series Cuckoos Midwich.

She also played the role of Farida in Line of Duty.

Anneika Rose’s TV credits include The Scream, The Killing Dead and Guilt.

Viewers might also recognize her as Maggie Kean in the latest BBC series Shetland.

Lee Ingleby smiling in Crossfire

Lee Ingleby smiling in Crossfire

Actor Lee Ingleby starred in The Word (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire cast: Jason played by Lee Ingleby

Lee Ingleby, 46. Jason in Crossfire, husband of Jo.

Jason is Jo’s “husband” who hates to see Jo getting more attention than him.

Tensions run high between Jason and Jo over the holidays as they try to navigate their broken marriage.

But will a horrific hotel shooting make or break their wedding?

Lee Ingleby is best known for his role as DI John Bacchus in the BBC drama Inspector George Clement.

Harry Potter fans might also recognize him from playing Stan Shunpike, who runs the night bus in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Lee also played Paul Hughes, Joe’s father, in the BBC drama The Word, killer Cameron Pell in Luther alongside Idris Ilva, and David Collins in Innocent.

Of course, Lineage fans will know that in series 4 of the crime drama Nick Huntley played the husband of the bent air DCI Roz Huntley.

Daniel Ryan with arms around three kids in Crossfire

Daniel Ryan with arms around three kids in Crossfire

British actor Daniel Ryan in The Bay (Credit: BBC)

Daniel Ryan plays Ben

Daniel Ryan plays Mary Ben in Crossfire.

After the hotel is invaded by a group of gunmen, Ben works in the care of two kids and make him safe.

But he soon noticed that he had an eye on both kids, while he escaped from a group of guns, it was a lot tougher than he thought!

Daniel Ryan, 54, is best known for playing Darren Alexander in the BBC comedy drama Linda Green, and Andrew Gilligan in The Inspector General.

He also plays the role of DI Anthony Manning in the ITV crime series The Bay.

Recently, Daniel Ryan took on the role of Adam Whitworth in the serious drama Four Life, alongside Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant.

Vikash Maro wearing sunglasses in Crossfire

Vikash Maro wearing sunglasses in Crossfire

Actor Vikash Bhai played a guest in Soco (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire cast: Vikash Maro plays Chinar

Vikash Bhai plays China’s husband Abhi in the BBC One series.

When all hell breaks loose at the hotel, China’s father’s instincts kick in and he does whatever he can to protect his family.

Vikash Bhai has appeared in a few TV shows like Casualty and Limbo.

He recently played a guest role in the Netflix thriller series Soco, and Dev in Amazon Prime’s Anna.

Recently Vikash starred in The Good Karma Hospital as Anwar.

Hugo Silva behind the desk at Crossfire

Hugo Silva behind the desk at Crossfire

Spanish actor Hugo Silva stars in Cook of Castamar (Credit: BBC)

Hugo Silva plays Mateo

Hugo Silva plays the hotel manager Mateo in Crossfire.

Mateo recruits Jo to help him save the remaining guests and staff at the hotel.

But, with only two guns and rabbit shooting experience, what does he have to rescue them?

Hugo is a Spanish actor who has had various roles on Spanish TV.

He was given the lead role in the television series Al Salir de Clase.

He also played the role of Lucas Fernandez in Los Hombres de Paco in 2005.

Last year, Hugo starred in the Spanish Netflix series Chef Castamar.

Alba Brunet breaks down in tears at Crossfire

Alba Brunet breaks down in tears at Crossfire

White Spanish actress Brunet stars in Barcelona 1714 (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire cast: Alba Brunet plays Bea

Alba Brunet plays hotelier Bea in the BBC One mini-series.

After the hotel turns to chaos, Bea is left distraught as her friend was shot and separated from her husband who also works at the hotel.

Alba Brunet is also from Spain.

The Spanish actress is known for Barcelona 1714, Colin Firth’s film works Mincemeat and Paraíso.

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Crossfire over three consecutive nights from Tuesday 20 September 2022 at 9pm on BBC One.

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