The UK’s Liz Truss did not promise a force account, but warned “we cannot risk our security” for the sake of keeping costs down.

Prime Minister He said he supports energy efficiency measures, but he won’t be encouraging people to use less energy this winter like other countries. such as Germany – done

After capturing the Tory party leadership on September 5, Ms Truss outlined her plans to deal with the failed energy bills, including an energy price guarantors to limit how much energy each supplier can manage.

Even the green check will be removed from the bills, and the government will pay the debt for both measures.

Speaking on his way to New York for the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, Ms. Truss He said: “We don’t talk” [the] on the basis of energy “

He added that he supported his predecessor Boris Johnson felt that there was a price to be paid for Russia’s stand on Ukraine.

“It is just that we cannot risk our security for the sake of cheap force,” the PM said.

“That is the mistake of the whole Western world,” he added. “It also became dependent on the authority of governments, not only for energy supplies, but also for other critical minerals and other goods and so on.

“What we can’t do is for that price to be on people’s bills in the UK.”

He added: “We believe that we can get the energy price guarantee for a certain nation through this winter and next winter without those high bills that we feared.”

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The PM made it his mission to New York to continue to support other countries on the board Ukraine attempted to fight the Russian invasion.

He said the “number one issue is global security”, but stressed he did not want to pass the buck on the British people.

“It is a price for Britain to pay that is our highest long-term security,” the PM added.

“What I don’t want to happen is to send a bill to the Treasury in addition to guaranteeing the price of the industry that I described. I don’t think that’s right.”

Attacking previous administrations, Ms Truss said there should have been “20 years more investment in nuclear power”.

“Why do we need to make sure people don’t pay bills that are still fuel?” he said.

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