The Queen’s name is inscribed alongside that of her mother, father, and husband on a tombstone in Windsor Chapel, where she is buried.

The Monarch was recently placed together with Duke of Edinburgh on Monday evening, the King and other members of the Royal Family attended a private service, which followed his state funeral in Westminster Abbey and a commission in Windsor.

Buckingham Palace said the stone inscription in the George VI Memorial Chapel was now named Queen’sand his parents and Philip with their birth years and kill them.

The stone, which is new, has restored a stone tablet placed in the floor, which bears the names of George VI and Elizabeth in gold letters.

The new stone now says, in the form of an index, “George VI 1895-1952” and “Elizabeth 1900-2002”, followed by the metal Star of the Garter, and then “Elizabeth II 1926-2022” and “Philip 1921-2021”. No image has been released of the new stone.

Queen Elizabeth II’s casket is carried to St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, Berkshire for the service. Picture date: Monday, September 19, 2012.

The Queen Mother (then Duchess of York) with her husband King George VI (then Duke of York), and their daughter Queen Elizabeth II at her baptism in May 1926.
The Queen Mother (then Duchess of York) with her husband King George VI (then Duke of York), and their daughter Queen Elizabeth II at her baptism in May 1926.

All four royals were members of the Order of the Garter, which has its spiritual home in St. George’s Chapel.

When Philip died 17 months ago, his coffin was buried in the royal crypt of St George’s, ready to be moved to the memorial chapel – a pale stone annex added to the north side of the building behind the North Quire Aisle in 1969 – when the Queen died.

The queen, sister of Princess Margaret, who died in 2002, was cremated, whose ashes were initially placed in the royal crypt before being moved to the George VI memorial chapel with her parents’ coffins when the queen mother died weeks later.

King Charles flew to Scotland on Tuesday with the Queen Consort to grieve in private, when the Royal Family mourns the Queen in her time.

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Thousands of people gathered at Windsor to approach the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth.

He left Aberdeen Airport after flying from RAF Northolt in west London, reported Balmoral – the estate on which the Scottish king’s home Birkhall is located.

He decreed that on the 9th of September, when the queen died after 70 years, the period of mourning should be observed until the seventh day from the funeral.

Members of the Royal Family are not expected to perform official engagements, and flags at the royal residence will remain at half-mast until the eighth day after the last day of royal mourning.

The Queen and Prince Philip pose at Broadlands in Hampshire for their diamond wedding anniversary in 2007
With Prince Philip on their diamond wedding anniversary in 2007


The date is not fixed King Charlesthe coronation, but it is expected that, according to the example of the district, and because of the great power involved in the planning, it will be at least several months until it takes place.

It is estimated that around a quarter of a million people have paid their respects to the Queen in person by checking out her bag on display in London.

Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan said on Tuesday that her department was still “crunching the numbers” on how many people would be lining up at Westminster Hall in the hours before, but believed it to be around 250,000.

St John’s Ambulance said it, along with the London Ambulance Service – both of which helped with national mourning, including dealing with long queues to see an ambulance – had treated more than 2,000 people and taken around 200 of them to hospital. died due to health conditions, trips, falls and accidents.

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