Liz Truss will not discuss the protocol or crossing the Northern Ireland Channel in her meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, Downing Street said.

The number 10 prime minister had a “constructive” conversation lasting about half an hour with the French leader, but focused on energy security rather than the two points of contention.

The pair held their first bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the United Nations summit on the outskirts of New York after the controversy was sparked by Ms Truss. he would not say whether the French prince was “friend or enemy”; – instead of saying “judges from”.

In softening the tone of UK-Francis relations, a Number 10 spokesman said the two leaders “were looking forward” to strengthening the partnership.

A spokesman said: “While people are facing a difficult winter with huge uncertainty about energy and the cost of living, the prime minister and president Macron called for the importance of working together to end dependence on Russian energy and to strengthen energy security.

“We must continue to demonstrate to Putin that his economic package in energy and food will not succeed.”

Mr. Macron reportedly welcomed their talks on Ukraine and other European issues, saying: “Now to prove, the results.

“It is the will to fight back, to move and to show that we are allies and friends in a complex world.”

However, Ms Truss’ official spokesman confirmed she would not discuss it contentious post-Brexit agreement in Northern Ireland or passing by migrating boats.

When asked about the crossing of the Channel, the speaker stated that Rwanda’s plan is a “long-term” solution to the problem.

In the protocol, the speaker said: “We have a law that will go through the parliament and we want to resolve this with the EU, this issue is not, as we necessarily believe, can be solved by one European country.”

He declined to say whether Ms Truss would lift the protocol with EU Prime Minister Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday.

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‘If you cannot tell between the French and the British whether you are friends or enemies, we are headed for serious issues.

But the White House said it would be raised by Joe Biden in a meeting with Ms Truss tomorrow.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the US President “encourages the UK and the European Union to work out a practical solution that will ensure security that does not threaten the fundamental principles of the European Union”.

It comes at a meeting tomorrow after President Biden criticized Ms Truss’s economic policy as an advocate – although Downing Street confirmed it was not intended.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the US President said: “I’m sick and tired of the economic pettiness. I’ve never worked.

“We are building the economy from the bottom up and the middle out.”

Liz Truss meets with Emmanuel Macron
Liz Truss meets with Emmanuel Macron

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In a tweet posted shortly before, Ms Truss admitted her tax cuts would disproportionately benefit the rich – but said she wanted the prime minister to be unpopular with measures she believed would grow the economy.

While President Biden’s criticism was certainly aimed at a domestic audience, it emphasized the differences between the two leaders’ positions, as Ms Truss says she wants to foster closer ties with international partners.

But Downing Street played down the words on Tuesday night.

A spokeswoman for Ms Truss said: “Anyone suggesting direct criticism of the UK policy would be in any way ridiculous.

“No two economies are structured in the same way, and each has unique challenges.”

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