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Tonight’s EuroMillions draw could see one lucky winner walk away with a whopping £153m jackpot – and all tickets will also have automatic entry into the UK Millionaire Maker.

EuroMillions grabs the biggest prizes of all the National Lottery games with mind-blowing amounts of money.

Remember to get your ticket in time and check back here at 8.45pm to watch the event.

When are the EuroMillions events?

We’ll have the EuroMillions lottery results here so you can see if you’re a lucky winner!

Will winning the EuroMillions change your life forever?

To play, you must get your lottery ticket before 7.30pm and choose the five main numbers and two lucky stars.

Then all they have to do is wait for the lottery results to arrive here.

What time are the EuroMillions events tonight?

EuroMillions results appear here, live as the draw takes place at 8.45pm.

Make sure you come to the daily draw to find out if you are one of the winners of the night.

And if tonight doesn’t prove to be your lucky night, there are plenty of other great opportunities to win.

The National Lottery has four draws, including the EuroMillions draw, running throughout the week.

There is only rest on Sunday!

Euromillions numbers are red and black balls in the draw

The EuroMillions draw balls will be drawn tonight (Credit: Shutterstock)

Live EuroMillions results

You can find them here as the EuroMillions draw takes place at 8.45pm tonight.

EUROMILLIONS Nu: 11, 21, 23, 32, 48 .

No: 3, 12

Check your EuroMillions numbers and claim your prize at The National Lottery website

What do you want to win in the EuroMillions?

Have you ever considered quitting your job if you win the National Lottery? Travel the world, and stay in the 7~ stars of luxury?

Maybe you want to pay a mortgage to all your friends and family? Or have you always wanted to have cosmetic surgery for your face and body?

With these big money wins you could do all of the above and have a change for a super yacht!

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Claiming Your EuroMillions Prize

So, say the numbers go up, you need to take certain steps. Here is the important bit:

Buy online?

  • Prize up to £100: You will receive your National Lottery account directly.
  • £DI up to £30,000; It will be paid to you online after the confirmation of the card connected to your account by following the instructions in your winning word.
  • £3,001 up to £50,000: You need to call them on 0333 234 44 33. Your prize will be paid by check.
  • Wins over £50,000: You must claim and collect in person.

Did you buy the store?

  • Prize up to £100: You can collect from a National Lottery dealer. Please note that not all fines over £100 come out, so you will need to check.
  • £501 up to £50,000; You can claim and collect your prize at the Post Office.
  • Wins over £50,000: I need to call you 0333 234 44 33 to confirm your earnings and collected personally.

You must claim any National Lottery and EuroMillions prize draw within 180 days the day after

The only exception is if you follow the procedure that allows you to claim within seven days from the end of the claim period. See the National Lottery website for further details.

The National Lottery logo

The National Lottery logo

The National Lottery offers players lots of chances to win including EuroMillions draw night (Credit: Geoffrey Swaine / Shutterstock)

What are the National Lottery Draws and when do they take place?

  • The Set for Life The draw takes place every Monday & Thursday evening at 8pm
  • The Thunderball The draw takes place every Tuesday & Friday at 8pm and Wednesday & Saturday at 8.15pm
  • The EuroMillions The draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday before 8.45pm
  • The Lotto The draw takes place every Wednesday at 8pm and Saturday at 7.45pm.

The National Lottery and its partner games are run by Camelot UK. While Daily Entertainment takes care to accurately report winning numbers and other information, please make sure to check your numbers through the official National Lottery website. Daily Entertainment cannot be held responsible for any errors or inaccuracies that lead to any loss or financial loss.

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