The character of Coronation Street Gary hid the fact that he killed Rick Neelan for three years.

After killing Rick, Gary became close with Rick’s daughter Kelly.

Gary started looking for Kelly and even moved in with his family, now that he knows he killed his father, he plans to kill Gary.

Song Windass killed Rick Neelan in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Song killed Rick three years ago (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Gary and Rick

Back in 2019, Gary killed the loanshark Rick after he tried to take him away and threatened Gary’s family.

Killing Rick ended up meeting his daughter Kelly Neelan.

Kelly came on the cobbles and after living on the streets Kelly ended up living with Gary and his wife Mary.

Kelly was wondering why her father disappeared and when his body was found, Kelly’s mum Laura found out that Gary had killed Rick.

As Gary had asked Kelly, Laura, who was dying of cancer, took the cause of Rick’s murder.

Last week, however, Kelly found evidence that Laura was on vacation when Rick was killed.

When Rick told Sharon a former employee, she told Kelly that Gary had killed Rick.

Now Kelly is planning revenge and in tonight’s episode (Tuesday 20th September) she went to her kidnapper Kieron and offered him 10k to kill Gary.

Meanwhile, Kelly and Aadi decided that they wanted to travel.

Kelly tried to get £10k out of the account, but did so with Gary’s permission.

When Gary heard that Kelly was trying to get money, he asked why she needed the money.

She told him about her plan and Aadi’s travel and agreed to help her with the money.

She later met with Kieron and transferred the money to him to kill Gary.

Now it looks like he’s ready to go kill Gary, but will he go to the plan?

Coronation Street Kelly and Kieron

Coronation Street Kelly and Kieron

Kelly paid Kieron to kill Rick (Credit: ITV)

What next for Gary?

Kelly tells Aadi that she has booked those tickets to Bangkok, but she doesn’t tell him that it’s one way.

Later on she and Aadi’s party are overpowered by Kelly.

As Rick appears again in Kelly’s thoughts, Gary gives some kind words about Kelly.

He says how much he loves being part of the family, but Kelly is full of hate.

Kelly tells Gary that she knows he killed her father and runs out of the Bistro.

Gary follows her, but runs straight into a trap. He was thrilled to find Kelly and Kieron standing next to the train.

As Gary is shot unconscious and thrown into the prime, Kelly tells Kieron that she will get the rest of her money as soon as Gary dies.

But when they leave, Kelly begins to question what he’s doing. Does he have second thoughts?

Coronation Street, Gary, Kelly, Kieron and Al .

Coronation Street, Gary, Kelly, Kieron and Al .

Song runs into Kelly’s trap (Credit: ITV)

Kieron and his sidekick Al take Gary to the same woods that Rick killed him in. They point a gun to his head and order him to dig his own grave.

However, it appears that he manages to get Gary out of the situation soon after warning Aadi that Kelly is in danger.

He says he needs to track her phone and go after her.

Outside the abandoned mill, Kieron takes Kelly’s roof and reveals his plan to kill her and make up for Gary’s murder.

Gary soon finds Kieron’s first and he and Aadi are horrified to see Kelly on the roof.

When Kieron goes to push Kelly off the roof, Gary appears and tells Kieron to kill him instead.

Soon the gun goes off, but who was shot?

Coronation Street Gary in the woods

Coronation Street Gary in the woods

Will Gary die? (Credit: ITV)

Is the song dying?

It has not been revealed who will die in the shooting.

However, Gary actor Mikey North revealed that Gary is willing to die for Kelly.

Asked if Kelly was afraid he would tell the police about Rick’s murder, Mikey told Entertainment Daily: “When they’re stuck on the roof, he’d be happy to get that girl off that roof.

“He would really jump if he wanted her to be safe. That’s the main purpose.”

Whether he dies or not is of no consequence to him. It’s just Kelly’s face to keep. “

Could Gary die protecting Kelly?

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