A House of Commons speaker suggested that the upcoming recess would be short-lived after parliamentary business was put on hold following the Queen’s death.

Proceedings in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords stopped last Thursday at the news of the monarch’s death.

They are due to resume at some point later Queen’s funeral on Monday, September 19

But both houses are due again from September 22 to allow talks to be held for Labour, the Conservatives and the SNP.

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MPs He is currently not expected to return to parliament until Monday, October 17 after the end of the conference.

In this way the period of government is very narrow “fiscal matter” as chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is preparing to launch its own mini-box to help provide support to families and businesses while easing the burden of the cost of living crisis.

More so in the houses of parliament

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Three PMs tribute to the queen

Prime Minister Liz Truss is also expected to fly to the US for the United Nations General Assembly after the funeral, further narrowing the window of opportunity.

Two days after becoming PM, Ms Truss announced she would introduce an energy price guarantee (EPG) to cap bills at £2,500 for two years from October – around £500 higher than now, but 1,000 less than Ofgem’s initial price hike.

Watch the stream of the queen lying in the city

Sir Lindsay Hoyle said his “hope” and “expectation” of the conference break would be dampened.

but he added that he would not hold “anyone to ransom,” so that nothing had yet been decided.

A House of Commons source told Sky News that the interim council will sit until Friday, September 23 and return a week earlier than scheduled – on October 10.

The final party conference, the SNP, concludes today.

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Silence in the Commons and movement of the Speaker

“What I can tell you is that we are waiting… and I want to swear in the MPs as soon as possible. I would like to think that it will happen next week,” said a spokesman for Common Times Radio.

“So the house – I’m waiting, it’s not set, so I’m careful what to say – but I’ve been waiting for the house to sit for at least a week.

“I believe, and I say I believe that I do not set a goal, so I am very cautious and careful to say that I would not wait three weeks. .

Sir Lindsay added that he “definitely expects” a debate on the energy crisis ahead of the party talks.

“I believe they can be blocked well – and I don’t want to redeem anyone by saying that I have deceived people – but that will be my expectation… and hope, I might add.” he said.

The PM’s official spokesman said on Wednesday: “We are looking for the dates of the withdrawal to be changed.”

A decision on how number 10 wants to change the retirement period is expected shortly.


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