So, a Black student at the University of Southern California posted his Black dance video and, BOOM, we’re right in the middle of another HBCU vs PWI debate. This is one of the features “Well, actually” about the style of the dance and the taunts said about the decision of the students to bring something to the historically black colleges to the white school.

Buckle up for this Boomkack kerfuffle…

@ Princeslang0 Proudly Posted A USC Majorette Video That Went Viral

NewsOne reports Twitter user and University of Southern California student @Princesslang0 posted an 8-second clip That shows a smiling group of young Black women dancing in sync with the crowd as the crowd of white fans cheers in the background in a predominantly white institution (PWI).

“oh nothing… I created a bigger team at PWI and made it to the first game,” he tweeted. “It’s true though, I’m so happy and I can’t thank God enough. Thank you to my parents and everyone who has supported me through this long journey. And my girls are close to the FYE Cardinal Divas SC.”

But what seemed to be a moment of pride for Prince quickly devolved into an ongoing debate about black culture in white colleges.

Specifically, the culture associated with historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) on PWI campuses.

Now, to be fair, it is not the same overly simplistic debate as to whether Black people attend historically Black colleges and universities, where we are more at home, or predominantly white institutions where we are.wellno This, in my opinion, is a more interesting discussion to keep on culture inside culture vs. Black people carve out a rightful place for themselves in a predominantly white environment.

Unfortunately, this discussion will take place on Twitter where there is not so much discussion as a 280 character free for each opinion.

In addition, people note that these ladies at USC are not seniors who typically deal with batons. Instead, they are considered drill teams or J-Settes like the famous Prancing J-Settes at Jackson State University.

For the census; That’s exactly why these conversations are so importantand again, in this case, it is an interesting non-disputebut I still often find myself deeply concerned about the ability of Black people to enjoy anything properly.

But since we are here, here is the thought, perhaps we should consider what the students of this story do not know.

Maybe you could go to an HBCUbut he did not. And unless we have intimate knowledge of her college acceptance journey, academic direction, or tuition payment situation, consider that we don’t know enough to say where she went.

Either way, she ended up at USC, and USC is historically whiter than an immaculate dalmatic in the snow-so maybe you just need some work Blaxtracurricular actions This is all I say.

The princess video is almost identical to Saweetie from her San Diego state dancing days.

What do you think about this HBCU Vs. Did the dance pWi cook?

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