Time waits for no man, nor the stunning star who wears a ring on her left hand after being “low and mighty” with her new boo.

Taylor Paige took to Instagram this week with what appears to be a fight announcement.

In the photo, the star, 31, is pictured with her arm around an unsuspecting man, while wearing a sparkling Tiffany & Co diamond ring. In the trio of photos she also posted, Taylor’s ring finger is the main focal point.

Taylor’s comments were filled with congratulations but the internet was abuzz with confusion as fans wondered what happened to her relationship. Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams.

As previously reported, Jesse and Taylor went public with their relationship in 2019 with Ozwald Boateng at the Harlem Runway Show at the Apollo Theater. The two also did an interview with GQ Magazine about their relationship in February 2021 before quietly calling it quits just before the New Year.

Taylor is with Old and New Boo, Fans React

Fans of course offer tons of deals Hit the floor The actress, considering a new romance, only became aware of their separation 9 months ago.

Who Is Taylor’s Fiance Rivington Starchild, The Designer Of Rivington Roy Rebis?

Taylor has clearly moved on from Jesse and appears happily taken and ready to walk down the aisle with her new man.

The man Taylor calls “mystery man” on the Internet isn’t a mystery at all. The man involved in the photos of the actress is actually a musical artist named Rivington child star.

The founder of Rivington and the founder of Rivington kings Rebs.

Rivington hails from Queens, New York, and he and Taylor both share Dominican ancestors. That’s right, Rivington was given his real name by his father.

In a 2019 interview with Congregation of Los Angeles Rivington opened up about the interesting way he got his unique name.

“My father was a drug dealer on Rivington Street on the lower east side of NYC. This was in the early 80’s. He made so much money in the club that he named his son Rivington.

There’s no word on when Rivington and Taylor met or just how long they’ve been romantically involved, but Taylor was shot in the latest fashion campaign that was uploaded to Instagram two weeks ago.

Although it seems like this pairing is something of an odd couple as the eclectic Rivington seems to be very different from Taylor’s “clean cut” ex-beau, it’s clear that he loves her deeply.

“My world” which translates to “my world”, he commented under one of the pictures.

Rivington has a reposted battle with Taylor photo to Instagram story with the words “Fast. Pray. Wait while tagging both Taylor and Tiffany & Co.”

Congrats to Taylor and Rivington on the meet!

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