After a long and patient wait, the delivery of Crossfire 1 finally arrived and it was as good as we hoped!

The BBC One ministry tells the chilling story of a holiday crowd that turns into a terrifying shooting.

In episode 1, we met Joe and his friends and family, whose lives were turned upside down when their luxury vacation was ambushed by a group of gunmen.

And, after an hour of nail-biting drama, the broken heart left us with so many questions!

Here are 5 burning questions we have after watching episode 1 of Crossfire.

*** Warning: spoilers from Crossfire Episode 1 ahead ***

Flavio looks scared in the first episode of Crossfire

A young boy named Flavio worked with the gunmen (Credit: BBC)

Who are the gunmen and what do they want?

In episode 1 of Crossfire, Jo’s holiday at a luxury hotel in the Canary Islands is turned into a nightmare.

Viewers saw Jo in her hotel room, sunbathing on her bike and texting her boyfriend while the kids played by the pool.

But his leisurely vacation quickly turned into tragedy when he heard gunshots!

Suddenly a crowd of black men, carrying guns, was besieged.

But who are they? And what do they want?

Towards the end of the episode, we meet the gunman who crossed paths with the character China and his children.

When the children were released, the gunman pulled off his face mask and revealed that the boy himself was barely a boy.

But what on earth was he doing shooting at the hotel? And are all those shooters young?

Jn looks at Crossfire

Jn looks at Crossfire

Jason’s husband revealed that he had left his job as a policeman (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire episode 1: Why did Jo stop being a policeman?

On the first night at the hotel, Jo and her friends met other holiday makers.

They started playing a game where the stranger tried to guess what their jobs all did.

When Jo was about to open her office, she confessed that she was a security officer.

But the man was disappointed with his answer…

In an attempt to impress the stranger, she confessed that she used to be a policeman.

But suddenly their game turns dirty when the evil man (played by Lee Ingleby) reveals that he is not doing his job as a policeman because he wants to tell people.

He said: “The weather was never really your strong suit?

“It’s okay to tell people that his mother is a police officer, but that’s not really true?”

So why did Jo stop being a police officer? Is there a much darker reason behind this decision to leave the force?

Chinar wearing sunglasses in Crossfire

Chinar wearing sunglasses in Crossfire

Jason discovered that his wife and best friend had been texting each other behind his back (Credit: BBC)

Are Jo and Chinar having an affair?

During episode 1, Jo discovered that Keeley Hawes had exchanged news with a steamy man.

But when her husband Jason snooped through the phone to snoop, he saw a photo of the man texting him – and he wasn’t expecting it at all!

He knows he is secretly texting pal Chinar!

Sounds like ‘Mr and Mrs Perfect’ aren’t so perfect after all!

Later in the episode we saw a flashback of Jo and Chinar at a NYE party with family and friends.

Jn Sinar was found in one of the rooms and sparks began to fly between the twins.

The two sat in one bed and the scene was cut before we could see any more!

So are Jo and Chinar having an affair? But how long has their secret act been unconscionable?

Chinar will talk to the boys in Crossfire

Chinar will talk to the boys in Crossfire

Chinar sacrificed herself for her children (Credit: BBC)

Crossfire episode 1: Is Chinar dead?

After Jason finds out about the news between Chinar and Jo, he feels betrayed by both his wife and his best friend.

He used that phone to send an obnoxious message to Chinar, who he thought was his friend.

He said: “You are my best friend. I have known you since we were 11. You are my son’s companion.

“But I hope” [bleep] they would send you.”

Little did he know that his friend’s words had brought him luck!

Viewers then to a miserable scene …

We’ve seen China surrender to a gunman on desperate orders to save her kids.

He distinguished the shooter by walking slowly towards him with his hands in the air, so that the boys could flee and escape.

Viewers were then left on the edge of their seats as Sinar fought for his life in an intense display against the shooter.

Suddenly we heard a gun shot and Chinar looked defeated on the ground with a bullet in his chest.

China looked fatally wounded, but is the father of fourteen?

We really hope not!

Is there a hotel staff member working with the gunmen?

Shortly before the guns were fired we saw a young member of staff frantically looking at his phone.

In fact, he seemed stunned for the first part of the event before being disturbed by the slice of paradise shooters.

It was almost as if he knew the shooting was coming.

At the end of the episode, we saw him in a room full of injured and barely injured people lifting a knife.

But what?

Could this be just for self defense or is he working with the gunmen?

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The second episode of The Crusades airs on Wednesday 21 September 2022 at 9pm on BBC Prime.

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